Executive search & Management Selection

Jacobson Partners will help you identify the profile of the ideal candidate according to the current needs of the client, and will promptly search and recruit best candidates fully meeting all the client’s requirements.
Jacobson Partners use the following methods and tools to find the best candidates:
Executive Search

is typically used in more complex recruitment projects which require professionals who are not in active job search or are not considering offers to change jobs.
For over 10 years of successful work in the field of recruitment Jacobson Partners have accumulated a database of more than 300,000 candidates for senior and middle management positions.
Information Resources
Use of closed and open Western and Russian industry information resources.
Networking (business contacts)
While working in various sectors and areas, Jacobson Partners have established trusting business relationships with many professionals of senior and middle management staff who are ready to recommend professionals in their field.
If necessary, Jacobson Partners help the client to create a job description, a vacancy description, and provide an update on the labor market and other related services.