Head of Legal Department

Major trading company at the Federal level seeks Head of Legal Department.

Main Responsibilities

  • Management of Legal Department;
  • Management of claims:
    • Collection of accounts receivable;
    • Outsourcing Contracts;
    • Claims from customers complaining on non-compliances in quality/quantity of shipped goods;
    • Poor quality of carriers’ performance, etc;
  • Representing the company in courts;
  • Control over compliance with court decisions;
  • Control over legal examination of draft contracts, orders and instructions;
  • Registration of license agreements, trademark rights, utility models, etc in Federal Service For Intellectual Property;
  • Preparation and submission of reporting to the parent company;
  • Legal support and state registration of real estate transactions;
  • Legal expertise and development of local regulations;
  • Participation in company reorganization, liquidation of subsidiaries and affiliates as part of outsourcing contracts;
  • Cooperation with law enforcement agencies and other organizations to address allegations about counterfeit products.


Salary to be discussed based on interviews.